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version 3.3
Apycom's Deluxe Tree

  • XP-Style Tree Control
    You can create both standard or XP-like types of Tree Control.
    This sample has XP-style.

  • Animation and Effects
    - Click on titles of submenus - submenus will collapse or expand.
    - Submenus have a fade effect in Internet Explorer when you collapse/expand them,
       so your menus look like original menus in Windows XP Explorer.
    - You can set different speed for animation (parameter: var tXPIterations)

  • Items Visibility
    Each item can be hidden by default.
    To hide the item write '#' symbol before a text of the item.
    For example:

    ["#My Item"]

    On this example items "Sample 2" and "Sample 5" are hidden.

    Items visiblity can be also changed dynamically "on-the-fly".
    For more details see info about   Dynamic Functions.

  • Disable/Enable Items
    Some of items can be disabled by default.
    To disable the item set item's target to "_".
    For example:

    ["My Item", "mypage.html", "icon1.gif", "icon2.gif", "icon3.gif", "Short Tip", "_"]

    On this example items "Sample 6", "New Sample 2", and "New Sample 5" are disabled.

    Please, see info about   Dynamic Functions.
    These functions allow to disable/enable items "on-the-fly".

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