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    Dynamic Drop Down Menu

Javascript API functions:

1. Change "Deluxe Tree/Purchase" item.
2. Disable / Enable "Deluxe Tree/Home" item.
3. Add a new item for the top-menu with 2 new subitems.
4. Add 2 new subitems into "Deluxe Tree" submenu.
5. Delete "Samples Gallery/Samples Block 3" item.
6. Hide / show "Deluxe Tree/Support" item.
7. Expand / collapse "Deluxe Tree/Product Info" item.
8. Click "Deluxe Tree/Product Info/Installation" item to capture user click event.
9. Right click "Deluxe Tree/Product Info/What's New" item to capture user right click event.

Informational menu functions:

1. Show "Deluxe Tree/Product Info" item info.
2. Show "Deluxe Tree" item info.
3. Show dynamic drop down menu info.

Click here to download this sample.

Use Javascript API functions for:
    - Dynamic changing of items (text, link, target and even individual style!).
    - Making a menu item active/inactive.
    - Addition/removing of items.
    - Expanding/collapsing of items.
    - Changing of visibility of items.
    - Getting the information on any dynamic drop down menu and items.
    - Other tricks.

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