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    Individual Item Styles

Individual Item Styles

Individual item styles are special menu parameters (arrays) that you can assign to each item of the menu.
Using these styles you make your menus more attractive and more convenient.

var tstyles = [
        ["paramName=value", "paramName=value", "paramName=value", ...],     // style with index 0
        ["paramName=value", "paramName=value", "paramName=value", ...],     // style with index 1

Each style can accept the following item parameters:

paramName=value Description
titemBackColor=#AA5500 Normal and mouseover colors of a background.
titemBackImage=back.gif Normal and mouseover background images.
tfontColor=#000000,#FFFFFF Normal and mouseover font colors.
tfontDecoration=underline,none Normal and mouseover font decorations.
Available values:
"none", "solid", "double", "dotted", "dashed", "groove", "ridge".
tfontStyle=bold 12px Arial Font style.

Once you created item styles you can assign them to menu items.
For example:

var tstyles = [
        ["titemBackColor=#AA4400,#FF6600", "tfontDecoration=none,underline"],     // style 0
        ["titemBackColor=#000000,#FFFFFF", "tfontColor=#FFFFFF,#000000"],     // style 1
        ["fontStyle=bold 12px Arial,Helvetica", "titemBackImage=back1.gif,back2.gif"],     // style 2

var tmenuItems = [
        ["Home", "index.html", "myicon1.gif", "myicon2.gif", "myicon3.gif", "Home Page Tip", "_self", "2"],
                                                                                                                                                                // assign style 2
        ["About", "about.html", "myicon4.gif", "myicon5.gif", "myicon6.gif", "About Us Tip", "_self", "0"],
                                                                                                                                                                // assign style 0
        ["Write Us", "mailto:[email protected]", "", "", "", "Write Us Tip", "", "1"],
                                                                                                                                                                // assign style 1

Menu data are placed within data-tree.js file. This file contains:
1. Menu parameters
2. Menu items, individual styles and individual xp styles
3. Function for a menu initialization (dtree_init();)

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