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The following parameters (vars) should be placed within data-tree.js file.

  Special parameters
var tWorkPath = "menu_files_path/"; It's necessary to define this parameter before dtree.js if .js files of the menu aren't placed into the same directory where html page is placed.
For example, if the index page is in content/ directory and .js files are in content/menu/ directory, the parameter must be set to "menu/".

Notice: slash "/" must be placed at the end of the path.

For more details see the menu installation info.
var texpanded = 1; Expands all menu.
0 - don't expand items;
1 - expands all menu items by defaults.
To expand a separate item by default add '+' symbol before item's text.
var tlevelDX = 20; Indent for each level of items (in px).
var texpandItemClick = 0; 0 - expand items on a [+]-button click only;
1 - expand items on a mouse click.
var ttoggleMode = 1; Enables a toggle-mode.
0 - disabled, 1 - items stay highlighted after mouse click.
var tcloseExpanded = 0; Enables the mode when 1 item only can be expanded.
0 - disabled, 1 - enabled.
var tcloseExpandedXP = 0; Enables the mode when 1 submenu only can be expanded (XP-style).
0 - disabled, 1 - enabled.
var titemTarget = "_blank"; Default target for all items.
Available values: "_self", "_blank", "_parent", "_search", "_top".
You can also set a frame name.
var titemCursor = "default"; Items cursor.
Available values: "auto", "default", "pointer", "move", "crosshair", "text", "wait", "help".
var tpathPrefix_img = ""; Path prefix for menu images.
This string will be added for all image paths in the menu javascript.
var tpathPrefix_link = ""; Path prefix for menu links.
This string will be added for all links in the menu.
var tmenuWidth = 280; Width of the menu in (px, % or other units).
It's recommended to assign a precise value to this parameter for a correct menu positioning in different browsers.
var tmenuHeight = auto; Height of the menu in (px, % or other units).
If the value 0 - the menu sets its height automatically.
If the value is small - scrollbars appear.
var tmenuBorderWidth = 0; Border width of the menu.
var tmenuBorderStyle = "solid"; Border style of the menu.
Available values: "none", "solid", "double", "dotted", "dashed", "groove", "ridge".
var tmenuBackImage = "back.gif"; Background image of the menu.
  Menu Positioning
var tabsolute = 1; Menu positioning.
0 - static position;
1 - absolute position (menu uses absolute coordinates on a page).
var tleft = 20;
var ttop = 30;
X and Y coordinates of a top-left corner of the menu.
Works if var absolutePos = 1;
You can set values in px or % (e.g. 100, "30px", "50%").
  Floatable Menu
var tfloatable = 1; Creates a floatable menu - when the page is scrolled the menu remains visible.
0 - disabled, 1 - enabled.
dtree_add.js file must be included into html page!
var tfloatableX = 1;
var tfloatableY = 1;
Set a floatable ability for the menu along X and Y axes.
0 - disabled, 1 - enabled.
var tfloatIterations = 6; Sets a floatation speed. The less the value is the more the speed is.
  Movable Menu
var tmovable = 0; Creates a movable menu - you can use a mouse to move a menu.
0 - disabled, 1 - enabled.
dtree_add.js file must be included into html page!
var tmoveImage = "move.gif"; Image of the drag spacer.
var tmoveImageHeight = 12; Height of the drag spacer.
var tfontStyle = "normal 11px Tahoma, Arial"; Font style.
var tfontColor = ["#444444","#FFFFFF"]; Normal and mouseover font colors.
var tfontDecoration = ["none","underline"]; Normal and mouseover font color decoration.
Available values: "none", "underline", "line-through", "overline".
var tfontColorDisabled = "#ACACAC"; Font color for a disabled item.
The item is disabled when its target is "_".
var tpressedFontColor = "#AA0000"; Color of a text of selected items.
Used when var ttoggleMode = 1.
var titemAlign = "left"; Text alignment for submenu items.
Values: "left", "center", "right".
var titemHeight = 22; Height of items.
var titemBackImage = ["bkgr1.gif","bkgr2.gif"]; Normal and mouseover images of items' background.
var tmenuBackColor = "#FFFFFF"; Background color of the menu.
var tmenuBorderColor="#CCCCCC"; Border color of the menu.
var titemBackColor = ["#FFFFFF","#4792E6"]; Normal and mouseover colors of item background.
var ticonWidth = 16; Width of icons.
var ticonHeight = 16; Height of icons.
var ticonAlign = "left"; Alignment of icons.
var texpandBtn = ["expand1.gif", "expand2.gif", "collapse1.gif"]; Images for expand-buttons of items: normal, mouseover, expanded.
var texpandBtnW = 9; Width of expand-buttons.
var texpandBtnH = 9; Height of expand-buttons.
var texpandBtnAlign = "left" Alignment of expand-buttons.
Available values: "left", "right".
var tpoints = 0; 0 - don't show menu lines;
1 - show menu lines.
var tpointsImage = "pointsh.gif"; Horizontal lines image.
var tpointsVImage = "pointsv.gif"; Vertical lines image.
var tpointsCImage = "pointsc.gif"; Corner lines image.
var tpointsBImage="pointsb.gif"; Branch lines image.
  State saving
var tsaveState = 0; Saves a menu state.
0 - disable state saving;
1 - enable state saving - the menu saves items state for a next visit.
var tXPStyle = 1; Enables XP-style for Tree Menu.
0 - disabled, 1 - enabled.
var tXPIterations = 5; Animation speed for submenus.
The less the value is the more the speed is.
var tXPFilter = 1; Fade effect for submenus in Internet Explorer.
0 - disabled, 1 - enabled.
var tXPAlign = "left"; Alignment of item image in XPStyle.
Available values: "left", "right".
var tXPMenuSpace=10; Set the space between toplevel menu items in XP-Style.
var tXPTitleLeft = "titleleft.gif"; Left border image of submenus title (used when a title has no icons).
var tXPTitleLeftWidth = 4; Width of left border image of submenus title (var tXPTitleLeft).
var tXPExpandBtn = ["exp1.gif","exp2.gif", "coll1.gif","coll2.gif"]; Images for expand-buttons of submenus title:
expanded-normal, expanded-mouseover, collapsed-normal, collapsed-mouseover.
var tXPBtnWidth = 25;
var tXPBtnHeight = 25;
Width and height of expand-buttons of submenus title.
var tXPIconWidth = 30;
var tXPIconHeight = 32;
Width and height of icons within submenus title.
var tXPTitleBackColor = "#265BCC"; Background color of submenus title.
var tXPTitleTopBackColor = "#FFFFFF"; Color of space above submenu title.
var tXPTitleBackImg = "titleback.gif"; Background image of submenus title.
var tXPBorderColor = ""; Border color of submenus.
var tajax = 0; AJAX-like technology allows to load data for submenus "on-the-fly" from the server.
0 - disabled (default), 1 - enabled.
var tdynamic = 0; Deluxe Tree has external Javascript functions that allow you to change the menu "on the fly".
To enable these functions set the parameter to 1.
Dynamic functions are placed in dtree_dyn.js file.

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