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    Multiple Website License

Before purchasing Deluxe Tree, please, see the license agreement.
The purchased version of Deluxe Tree includes a license to place the software on publicly accessible web pages and does not display the trial version reminder.

Multiple Website License

Description You use the menu on any Internet or Intranet sites.
For Whom Suitable for professional website developers and designers.
What You Get After you have effected the payment via the secure order form you will receive the confirmation email within 12 hours.
The email contains the personal link to the online key generator account (with id and password) where you can generate keys for website.
How It Works You generate keys by yourself using your key generator account.
For example you want to place the menu on You access your key generator and type:

get the key:

    var key="1234567890ab";

Add the generated key into your data file (data.js by default).
The key is valid throughout the registered website only.
Within the website you can use the menu with the key as many times as you wish.
Without this key or on another domain the menu will show a nag message.
The key verification does not contact any outside servers to check your key.
Where to Use You can generate keys and use the menu on an unlimited number of your sites.

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