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    Single Website License

Before purchasing Deluxe Tree, please, see the license agreement.
The purchased version of Deluxe Tree includes a license to place the software on publicly accessible web pages and does not display the trial version reminder.

Single Website License

Description You use the menu on one Internet or Intranet site (domain).
For Whom For whose who want to use the menu on one website (one domain) and get the best possible price.
How to Order The secure order form for the single website license has the "Domain to register" field.
Enter the domain name where you'll use the menu.

For example your domain is, then type:
    (without adding "http://www." and ending "/").

If you want to use the menu on an Intranet you will need to enter the hostname of your Intranet website (as appears in the URL string of a browser).
For example the link to your site is http://myintranet/ then type in the "Domain to register" field:
What You Get After you have effected the payment via the secure form you will receive the confirmation email within 12 hours.
The email contains the keycode for the domain you registered and further instructions.
How It Works The post-order email contains the keycode for the domain you registered.
To register the menu you edit your data file (data.js by default) adding the key, for example:

    var key="1234567890ab";

The key is valid throughout the registered website only.
Within the website you can use the menu with the key as many times as you wish.
Without this key or on another domain the menu will show a nag message.
The key verification does not contact any outside servers to check your key.
Where to Use You can use the menu on an unlimited number of pages within registered domain name.
For example with the key for you can use the menu on the following pages:


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