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Features Description
Easy Installation and Customization Tune menu parameters manually. Then add several rows of a code within html page - your menu is ready!
Dynamic Menu
(Real-time modifications)
Use special JavaScript API for:
  - Dynamic changing of items (text, link, icons and even individual style!).
  - Expanding/collapsing items and submenus.
  - Addition/removing of items.
  - Addition/removing of submenus.
  - Changing of visibility of items.
  - Getting the information on any menu, submenu and items.
  - Other tricks.
New! v3.1
(AJAX-like Technology)
This technology allows to load data for submenus "on-the-fly" from the server. It saves outgoing traffic from the server especially when using big menus.

Current syntax for item parameters (var tmenuItems):

[text, link, iconNormal, iconOver, iconExpanded, tip, target, itemStyleInd, itemXPStyleInd, jsFileName]

Where jsFileName - .js filename on the server with submenu items (var tmenuItems).

Supported browsers:
     Windows OS: IE5+, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape 7+, Opera 8+, Safari.
     MAC OS: Firefox, Safari.
Animation and Effects
These effects will make your menu more attractive and stylish.
When you click on titles of submenus - submenus will collapse or expand.
Submenus have a fade effect in Internet Explorer when you collapse/expand them, so your menus look like original menus in Windows XP Explorer.
You can set different speed for an animation.
Individual Item Styles Each item can have individual settings.
You can create individual styles and assign them to items.
Individual XP Styles You can create any style for XP menu:
- different icons, colors, and buttons for each submenu title;
- any color for borders, backgrounds, and font of menus and items;
- any available font style;
and many other options!
Movable Menu Use a mouse to move a menu as a usual window.
Floatable Menu When the page is scrolled the menu remains visible. The menu can "float" along one or two coordinate axes.
Any HTML Code Insert any HTML code inside the menu item - be it a form or a picture, a flash-object or a text. This ability allows you to create various menus of any complexity.
Appearance and Positioning You can set custom height, cursor, alignment for items and icons.
The menu may have an absolute or relative position (it can be inserted into the table/div).
Font, Colors, Borders, Images Use any necessary font of any color, size and font decoration.
Use any available border style and width.
You can use any color for items background, menu background and borders.
You can assign images to icons, menu, items backgrounds.
Selected Item After clicking on menu item selected item becomes highlighted.
State Saving There is no need to write additional code on a server side to remember what items were expanded/collapsed.
Deluxe Tree can save items state automatically!
Expand/Collapse Control One item only can be expanded.
When you open another item a previous expanded item is collapsed.
At the same time both submenus can be opened.
Default Expanded/Collapsed Items You can set default expanded/collapsed items and submenus.
Icons You can create 3-state icons for each item: normal state, mouseover state, expanded state.
Lines You can assign your own images for lines.

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